A video of the inside


Bath (click images for a larger version)

Bath Door Wall

Here's the enclosing bath wall. The door opening is on the left. The door will be a 24 inch (wide) bi-fold door. You can see the back of the fiberglass shower stall here. Above the door and the shower stall, we will install glass/plexiglass to allow as much light from the living area into the bath area.

Bath Sink

This is the view into the bathroom from the door. The small pedestal sink is setup for test fitment, it won't go in until the floor is installed. It's hard to see, but we used the green drywall here to help combat humidity issues. The round white object on the floor is the drain for the toilet.

Gable window, west side

Here's the fiberglass shower unit, fully installed. The hole on the left is for the water valve. The shower head will actually come out of the wall just above the shower stall. The wire hanging down is for the future in-ceiling light fixture.