A video of the inside


Ceiling (click images for a larger version)

Bath Door Wall

Here is a shot of the tongue and groove pine ceiling. It's sealed with a clear urethane to make it easy to clean. We also had the ends of the lofts finished with the same material. You can also see the Vari-Cyclone DC ceiling fan. We got ours from AltEStore, who were very professional and prompt. This fan runs off 12V or 24V and uses about 6 Watts at 12V DC. So far we are impressed by this fan. In winter, it reduced the temperature difference between the floor and the loft by about 10 degrees, making much more comfortable in the loft when the wood stove is going

Bath Sink

Here's a shot of the sleeping loft showing the finished loft ends.

Gable window, west side

This is the other loft that will used for storage. You can see the trim detail and the urethane finish a little better in this shot.