A video of the inside


Drywall (click images for a larger version)

Northwest Drywall

We started in the kitchen, running the 1/2" thick 4x8 sheets horizontally, using 1 1/4" course thread drywall screws. Usually you run the ceiling drywall first, but we don't know if we are going to run drywall on the loft ceilings.

The area left uncovered here is where the A/C and D/C breaker boxes will go. Also a bunch of our solar equipment will be mounted here, so this area will probably get an access panel of some kind.

Northeast Drywall

The rest of the north wall.

Cutting around the outlets was done with a Dewalt cordless drywall cut-out tool. It's like a large angry Dremel tool or die grinder. We marked the outlet box's center, positioned the drywall and partially screwed it in. We ran the cut-out tool from our center mark outwards until we hit the box edge. Then we pulled the tool out, moved over 1/8" or so, plunged it back in and then traced the outside of the box. This was a bit touchy with our boxes being plastic. The tool's bit gets very hot and can melt right through the box.

The window openings were also done with the cut-out tool once the drywall panel was fully screwed down.

Gable window, west side

And around the sliding glass door with a cut-out for a light switch

Northeast Drywall

The southeast wall of windows. You can just see the four electrical boxes, two for AC and two for DC.

Gable window, west side

The regular drywall ends here with the beginnings of the door jamb for the bathroom. Then the wall continues with "green board" type drywall which is a bit more moisture resistant than the regular stuff