A video of the inside


Insulation (click images for a larger version)

North Wall Wiring

We used R-13 faced fiberglass insulation on the walls. The facing should act as a vapor barrier/retarder. You just staple the built-in paper flanges, on the insulation, to the wall studs.

NOTE: Fiberglass insulation is dangerous to inhale, so you MUST wear a mask when handling it. Make sure you get one that is clearly marked for insulation work. Those cheap one dollar paper ones won't do. The masks we bought have an exhalation valve built-in to make breathing a little easier. They were around six bucks each.

South Wall Wiring

The south corner of the cabin.

Gable window, west side

We used R-19 faced fiberglass insulation on the ceiling. You can also see the wire for the DC ceiling fan hanging down there.