A video of the inside


Drain Plumbing (click images for a larger version)

DWV Roof Vent

Here is the top of the vent stack. It exits out through the roof.

We asked the man who did the metal roof (and the chimney) to do the penetration through the roof.

DWV Vent

Here is where the vent pipe runs (nearly) horizontal. You want about 1/4" drop per foot to make sure water doesn't pool in the pipe.

On the left, the pipe turns upward to the roof exit.

DWV Above

On the left side of the photo is the main drain stack. The stack is 3" PVC which extends down through the floor to the (future) main drain pipe. It heads up through the roof as the main vent.

The long, small pipe extending on the left is the drain for the bathroom lavatory and the small opening on the right is where the kitchen sink will drain.

The white disc on the floor is the toilet flange.

DWV Below

The toilet elbow (the large ell), drains into the stack on the left.

The P-trap on the right is the shower drain.

I've got the drain sealed with duct tape and a plastic bag for right now.