Framing the roof (click images for a larger version)

Loft joists

The loft joists and collar ties are up. We had a minor setback here. The wall structures were not very stiff and the loft areas were unstable places to be. I couldn't stand up holding the ridge board structure without mortal fear. So, we returned the next trip with full flooring for the big loft and 1x4x8 "strips" to diagonally brace the walls.

Roof rafters

The rafters up are up! We don't have any in-progress photos for this step because we forget the camera. You can see the diagonal bracing we added to stiffen things up temporarily.

Roof rafters

You can (hopefully) see the big loft is sheathed along with some blocking to keep things square and stiff.

Rafter tails

The first set of rafter tails are on. These overhang the wall about 14 inches to help keep the rain from getting places it shouldn't in the walls. They will also help block the summer sun from coming in the windows.

Rafter tails

The other set of tails are up. You can see the structure for the 12 inch gable overhang on the right side rafters. It's missing from the left rafters in the this shot.

Rafter tails done

The tails and overhangs are done and the excess material is trimmed off. Hope I remember those clamps are up there when I go looking for them...