Sheathing/tar papering the walls (click images for a larger version)

Tarped roof

We've tied four tarps together in an attempt to keep water off the OSB walls. The panels are rated "Exposure 1" which indicates they've been glued together with waterproof glue. So hopefully a little water won't do them much harm.

Wall sheathing

We got one short and one long wall sheathed. We also got tar paper over these walls, but we finished in the dark so I don't have any shots of that yet. Yes, this is the second shot I've blown the highlights out of. I've got a new digital camera and I'm still trying to get it to behave in really contrasty situations.

Wall sheathing

Another shot of the OSB. You might be able to see three vertical lines on one or two of the boards. These are 16 and 24 inch on center on markings. If you install the boards with these lines to the outside they make nice guides for nailing. According to the OSB people, either side of the board can be placed to the exterior. There is no special coating on either side. Also, the side with the lines is rough and less slippery to walk on in roofing applications if things get wet.

Tarpaper SW

This is how far we got with the tar paper on the last trip. It was too dark to take pictures when we finished. We put the third (top) row of paper on this end wall by lantern light. Not fun. Not very flat either...

NW sheathing

Getting there... Now you can see the openings for the front door, the large sliding glass door and a short wide north window.

Tarpaper NE

Tarpapered up. We went with a 12" staggered nailing pattern on the center areas of the tar paper and a line of nails 12" apart at the top and bottom. This is 30lb tar paper so it should do fine for awhile in the weather. The trees really keep the wind down so tearing shouldn't be a problem.

Sheathing SE

Gable end sheathed and ready for tar paper.

Tarpaper NE 2

The third row of tar paper is (mostly) on. The OSB seems to be handling the weather without damage. With the roof overhangs, we think it'll weather the winter just fine.


The blocking is in place and ready for the roof decking. We will drill holes in this blocking and cover it with screen when we insulate the roof rafters. This will allow airflow over the top of the rafter insulation to keep things dry.