The vinyl siding (click images for a larger version)

Vinyl siding SW

The vinyl siding goes on. We picked vinyl because it's fairly easy to install and doesn't need painting. We are adverse to the typical home maintenance stuff, painting, grass mowing, etc. The color is mist, which will probably be slightly darker than the roof. The style is dutch lap.

Vinyl siding SE

Getting there. We stopped here on this wall because we have to deal with a J-channel on the gable ends. Before we run the J-channel, we have to install an F-channel for the eaves/soffits.

Vinyl siding NW

The NW corner of the cabin, mostly completed. We had to install J-channel on these two 30x30 windows. Next we need to do the gables, which will entail a bunch of J-channel, F-channel and 45 degree cuts. All at ten to fifteen feet off the ground.

Vinyl siding SE 2

The SE corner completed. We've got to trim the corners and the soffits will need to be closed, but we are going to move on to the inside.

Vinyl siding NW 2

The NW corner.