The windows and doors (click images for a larger version)

Windows doors 1

The sliding glass door, front door and "lookout" window are in. We removed the sliding glass panel to install the sliding glass door. Once it was out we could lift the frame and fixed panel without too much trouble. The silver strips on the sides and tops of the window and sliding glass door are flashing. It doesn't seem to want to stick to the tar paper, but it sticks to itself and skin very well.

West gable window

The gable end window on the sleeping loft end of the cabin. It's 36x36 inches. You can see our temporary steps over by the front door. I threw these together using a couple of pressure treated 2x12s and a sheet of 15/32" plywood to give them some strength against racking.

East gable window

The 36x32 inch gable window on the storage loft end.

Kitchen windows

Both kitchen windows in. Starting to look less like a shed and more like a cabin.

South windows rough

Here are the three openings for the bigger southern exposure windows. These should give us lots of light and views all year and some solar gain in the winter.

South windows view

Here is (sort of) the view out of the southern windows. We plan to cut down the smaller trees for a better view and to allow the larger trees some breathing room.

South windows/bath

All three big windows in as well as the smaller bathroom window. And that's it! All the windows are in. Next is the vinyl siding, low maintenance and fairly easy to install.