A video of the inside


Electrical wiring (click images for a larger version)

North Wall Wiring

So here is the beginning of the wiring on the north wall. The orange wire is solid core 10 gauge and the yellow is 12 gauge. The 10 gauge is for the 12v DC supply and the yellow is for typical 110v 60 Hz AC. There are two AC outlets and two DC outlets on this wall because I suspect this is where we will park any computer equipment we have and I hope to run most of it off DC. You can also see the light switch boxes on the extreme sides of the image. The left box will switch a DC ceiling fan and possibly some lighting. The right box will switch DC lighting at the sliding glass door.

South Wall Wiring

Here are the four outlets on the south wall, two DC and two AC

Gable window, west side

You can just about make out the two out 110v outlets for the kitchen area. There will be two breaker (AC and DC) boxes in the two uninsulated slots on the right side of the picture. I'll probably have to build some sort of access panel for this area since it will house some of the solar electronic equipment.