The Driveway

Dry pond

This is a shot of the (future) pond. The soil is apparently great for a pond bed, so the dozer operator made the pond as big as possible. At its deepest the water will be 12 feet deep and, I'm guessing, 30 feet wide.

The roadway to the right of the pond is a large earth dam created on top of a fairly deep ditch. The wall opposite the pond is probably 20 feet tall. We'll have to create a spill way across the road to allow overflow from the pond to run off without washing the out the road.

The photographer (me) is standing on the top of the road's destination, the end loop. Behind me is a nice loop cut through the trees to allow driving in and out without turning around. We will build around this loop as convenient and leave the center area forested.

Drive entrance Drive corner

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This is a shot looking down the first quarter mile of the drive. Behind me is the highway. We own this 30 ft wide strip down to the actual property. The border opens up onto the first five acres just where you see the driveway start back up hill.

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We are now on the five acres approaching the edge of the back forty. Down the hill in front of us is the earth dam and the pond.